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New Climate Ventures was founded on the idea that, given the right support and ecosystem, passionate founders could build technologies that were both commercially successful, and instrumental in driving a cleaner, greener future. In support of this mission, New Climate Ventures is dedicated to leading, learning, and leaning into sustainable best practices, alongside our industry, stakeholders, and companies. 

Sustainability – our firm’s ability to operate without negatively impacting the environment, global community, and society as a whole – is critical to our operations. It is the baseline by which we have developed our investment thesis, and it is the guiding framework behind how we interact with and empower our entrepreneurs.

The following policies, practices, and documents outline New Climate Ventures’ approach to integrating sustainable practices, data, and outcomes into our fund activities. As our strategy to accomplish this develops and expands into the far future, we are committed to building it alongside the businesses, markets, and legislation most applicable to us and our portfolio.

See our current and planned sustainability efforts below:

  • Sustainability and ESG Policy

  • [IN PROGRESS] Sustainability Questionnaire Themes

  • [IN PROGRESS] Annual Sustainability and Impact Report

  • [IN PROGRESS] “Sustainability in Venture Landscape” Whitepaper

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